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Poetry: “Standards or stereotypes”

More poetry on a similar topic as yesterday, about differences.


Standards or stereotypes


Girls that ride on horses,

Boys that do some sport.

It seems a grand stereotype,

But am I really one to judge?


Is my life really typical,

With those hobbies that I have.

What is a standard past time,

Or is there really such a thing?


Aren’t humans meant to differ,

In the things they like to do?

And what I’ve been observing,

Is that some people congregate.


Those that like the more sporty things,

Those who like to be outdoors.

Are more than likely to show up,

Where more active things are taught.


A nerdy boy might not be drawn,

To a moped driving class.

Like a sporty boy might quite disdain,

A group that likes to play D&D.



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