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Poetry: “Segregated world”

I attended a short class with people much younger than me and it made…thoughts happen.


Segregated world


I am not the same as you,

No matter what they say,

Our very different backgrounds,

They have set us apart.


It’s called nature and nurture,

That which doth shape our lives.

And though all men share many genes,

Our backgrounds differ much.


If I grew up with family,

That fought to make ends meet.

How could I understand your life,

You who never lacked for naught.


We can both try to mend that gap,

Tell each other of our lives.

But how often would our paths cross,

To give reason for us to talk?


Our world is segregated,

Into richer and the poor.

We need to build more bridges,

So we might feel more the same.


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