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Poetry: “The ancestors of birds”

Perhaps the title says it all. A subject that popped into my mind while watching a magpie.


The ancestors of birds


See that magpie over there.

See him chatter, shake his tail.

See how he then hops away,

When you get much too close.


Take a closer look now,

Peel away that feathery shroud.

Watch those beady eyes watch you.

Now tell me,

Can’t you see the dinosaur?


Can you not imagine,

Claws sprouting from those wings,

Make him that much larger,

Give him a ferocious call.


Once you’ve truly seen it,

You have been forever spoiled.

As you spot his birdy brethren,

Now they’re dinosaur-like too.


That group of jackdaws in that tree,

All chattering away

Suddenly they’re a hunting pack,

Just like in Jurassic Park.


And really all those feathers,

You could keep them all there,

For dinosaurs had feathers too,

At least the birds dinosaur kin.


As you watch a clever corvid,

Solving puzzles on YouTube.

How could you ever doubt that,

Dinosaurs were clever too.


Perhaps we should feel lucky,

That evolution shrunk the birds,

At least all the most clever ones,

If not then, we would be truly doomed.


So watch that magpie over there.

Watch him watching you.

Sometimes I can imagine,

A fearsome look,

A hunter’s gaze.

Wishing he was bigger still.


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