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Poetry: “Insomnia”

A semi free form poem where I try to…sort of replicate that feeling of insomnia.




Your body weary,

Lay it down.

Close your eyes,



No, that wish has been denied,

Your brain is up there, chattering.

Every thought you might have had,

Is replaying before your eyes.

All your fears bobbing along,

On the surface in your mind.

Eyes wide open and you sigh,

Try once more, to fall asleep.


Now it’s things you wish you’d said,

All regrets come back to roost.

Tell yourself it’s quite alright,

Just shut up now I know, okay?


Blankets sweaty, sheets are wet.

Move around there on your bed.

The weariness, you want to scream.

But the voices up there never stop.


Tear yourself up in defeat,

Covers piled upon the floor.

A window open just a crack,

The night time air is streaming in.


Spend some time there, with eyes closed.

Some rest yet, but not a sleep.

Try to calm down, don’t be stressed.

It will only make things worse.


Finally a miracle.

Your brain is being lulled to sleep.

Slowly slowly, hold your breath.

Wishing not to wake it up.


Close the window,

Into bed.

Covers are not quite so bad.

Curl up in there, in a ball.

Then finally, that blissful sleep.



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