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Poetry: “Numbers and context”

A more free form poem again, where I freely associate on the subject of numbers.


Numbers and context


See numbers there,

Lined up in a row.

Their meaning is a mystery,

If you don’t know the context.

A number,

A single number is just that.

A number.




Without meaning.


Unless you give it some.

Add words, add context.

A single number is transformed then.

Becomes age, height, weight.

Becomes how many years you’ve been married.

How long ago your grandma died.

A long line of numbers,

Is a group huddled together in anticipation.

Waiting for their purpose,

Their meaning.

Zeroes come in from the side,

To add greatness to the group.

Or reduce them.

All it takes,

Is a well places comma, a period,

Or even a hyphen.

Insert a dash between two numbers,

And suddenly you have a score.

One greater than the other,

And you make a stadium cheer.

But numbers on their own,

They carry little weight.

Meaningless scribbling on paper.

Until we come in and add,



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