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Poetry: “Let’s travel”

Expression of desire perhaps, or just a silly dream?


Let’s travel


Let’s both go to Paris,

And walk down the avenues.

Pop into a restaurant,

Then have nothing but desserts.


Let’s hold hands in Prague then,

And walk the cobbled streets,

Of the most historic places,

Pardon me, for I might squeal.


Let’s both kiss in Berlin,

In the shade of Berliner Dom.

We’ll stroll down East Side Gallery,

And then share some curry wurst.


Let us have a picnic,

In the shade in Regent’s Park.

After we’ve been to the zoo,

In that grand old London Town.


Let us see how daring we can be,

Dip our toes in Trevi Fountain.

Sneak around the Colosseum,

Then head back to our room.


Then finally let’s go to Greece,

Watch that sea, so sparkling blue.

Let’s fall asleep with arms entwined,

As the sun sets in the sea.


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