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Poetry: “US Marriage Equality”

Something I wrote when Wiscounsin became the next state to allow gay marriage.


US Marriage Equality


Once it seemed a far off thing

That all in America might be wed.

Then court struck down that DOMA law

And dominoes began to fall


Through state my state in the US

Waved rainbow flags, pealed wedding bells

Lining up to show their love

Just like all straight couples could do


I’m not surprised at what occurs

It’s something quite inevitable.

But that it’s happening so fast

Well, that cheers and amazes me


Much of the country almost there

With equal rights to love commit

Even the most reddest of states

Polls start to show gay marriage’s okay


Straights have lost their monopoly

To marry, yes and to divorce

That we can all fuck up in love,

Now that’s something to celebrate.


So raise your glass, let’s all be gay!

Let’s party for our freedoms won.

But remember there’s still countries where,

Gay love’s punishable by death.


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