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Poetry: “Lesbian manifesto”

Allow me to get a little personal here again, with a distinct LGBT focus.

Warning for mention of the word “boob”?


Lesbian manifesto


I like boobs

Soft lips

Curved body

Not the hard lines of the male form

But the dips and swells

Of a woman

A girl

A lady

I want to discuss feminism

While my hands explore her body

Argue about politics

While I discover how she tastes

She should be a nerd like me

So we can outwit the fake geek boys

She should have a sense of humor

I so dearly love to laugh

We will wander the bookstores

Searching for books we can’t afford

I don’t care if she shaves her legs

Or wears lots of makeup

If she plucks her eyebrows

Hair by hair

Dyes her hair

Or picks her nose

If she is a tomboy, girly, butch or femme.

As long as she has boobs

I like boobs


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