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Poetry: “Tastes of the season.”

Another food themed poem. 🙂


Tastes of the season


Summer tastes of ice cream,

And strawberries freshly picked.

It’s meat that’s been cooked on a grill,

And corn right off the cob.


Autumn tastes of apples,

Of pears picked from the tree.

It’s all the veggies you have grown,

And free range summer lambs.


Winter tastes of citrus,

Of spices from warm lands.

It’s wine that’s been so gently mulled,

And drunk in candle light.


Spring it tastes of rhubarb,

Of asparagus so green.

It’s all the new shoots that appear,

Now that the warmth is back.


If you wish to cook a meal,

I give you this advice:

Bear in mind what’s seasonal,

For that’s what tastes the best.


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