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Poetry: “Tethered”

A bit of social commentary.




When we are small babies,

Within our mother’s womb,

She fed us all we needed,

Through the umbilical cord.


Now all this time later,

We’re tethered differently.

We’re bond to out cellphone,

That’s always in our hand.


Our smart phones feed us,

All we want to know.

All the new in our wide world,

The vapid and the grand.


Through those screens we interact,

With people in our lives,

Sending messages and likes,

It’s how we stay in touch.


In our daily travels,

The phone is always there.

No longer scenery excites,

The screen it keeps us fed.


We say we’re not dependent.

That we’re in full control.

But watch a crowd of people,

When the Wi-Fi is cut off.



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