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Poetry: “My friend the moon.”

Some nicer, more serene poetry today, I think. /:)


My friend the moon


My friend she hangs there in the sky,

Wearing the clouds as her gown.

She smiles so brightly down at me,

Reminder that I’m not alone.


She’s always there when I look up,

Into the pitch dark night sky.

Whenever my life seems hard,

With light that brings me some good cheer.


She does not stay put, not at all.

The whole sky is her own domain.

I watch her wander here and there,

Gazing down upon the Earth.


Sometimes she’s shy and barely seen,

Hides her face behind a shroud.

Then at times she is quite bold,

And throws away all of her clothes.


I’m glad to have my friend right there,

Eternal constant in my life.

No matter where I might end up,

My friend the moon is always there.



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