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Poetry: “The peephole”

I have this uncanny ability to scare myself, this poem is just one example.


The peephole.


There is a peephole in my door,

It was installed when I moved in.

Through it I can see the hall,

And neighbors as they come and go.


When someone knocks upon my door,

I can see them clear as day.

If it’s someone that I know,

Or strangers that I must ignore.


At night the lights, they all go out,

Outside my door, the hallway there.

I cannot see a single thing,

When I look through the peephole’s lens.


Sometimes when night is very dark,

And I look though the peephole there,

I wonder what I’d do or say,

If I saw movement in the hall.


A frightening shape that skulks about,

Barely seen there in the gloom.

And then the horror as I spy,

A pair of eyes that look at me…


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