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Poetry: “Chameleon skin”

A very personal poem again, though perhaps the subject is something familiar to other people as well, so I share it here.


Chameleon skin


I am a chameleon,

I try to change my skin,

So I might better fit right in,

With the world where I reside.


The closest observations,

Of those that are my peers.

They give me precious guidelines,

Of how I should behave.


With scientist’s precision,

I emulate their ways.

And if I screw up now and then,

I just modify my act.


My interests and my hobbies,

Some of them are my own.

Though others that I entertained,

Were adopted to be “cool”.


My lessons on how to behave,

They never really end,

So fault me not a small respite,

To flee into fantasies.


My insides and my outside,

They’ve changed over the years.

So many masks that I have worn,

That concealed my own true self.


Now that I am aware of,

The parts that I have played,

I’ve tried hard to discover,

The parts of me that’s Me.


My quest might last forever,

Or just a good long while,

Because a part desires still,

To keep my chameleon skin.


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