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Poetry: “On Superpowers”


On Superpowers


I don’t really want to fly,

To be so high up in the sky.

My mind panics when I don’t,

Have my feet on solid ground.


I don’t want to read your mind,

Hear each thought inside your head.

The thoughts of all just pouring in,

My mind’s crowded as it is.


I don’t want some super strength,

Though rather useful in a pinch.

I fear that I would soon forget,

That normal humans are quite frail.


I don’t want to run quite fast,

As fast as some great lightning bolt.

To run much faster than my sight,

I fear I’d get lost far away.


I don’t want to use my mind,

To move about all sorts of things.

I’m clumsy as it is right now,

When I move things with my hands.


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