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Poetry: “Nature’s magic”

Today’s “Walpurgisnacht”, or “Valborg” as we call it in Sweden. It’s associated with a number of things, like witches, mischief and also the arrival of spring. I thought it appropriate to post a poem about nature and old folklore about nature on this day.


Nature’s magic


Once upon some time ago,

Witches were about.

The mountains were the home of trolls,

And elves were holding court.


In the forest things did live,

Who could cause people harm.

Together with the animals,

It was their sole domain.


The streams and lake held others,

That man should never see.

If they did then they were trapped,

In their magic’s deadly throes.


Back then all were cautious,

They held some great respect,

For nature in it’s beauty,

Which brought them so much good.


Now with all our science,

We scoff at men of old.

The trolls were just a rock slide,

The elves were just thick mist.


And lets not speak of witches,

How we persecuted them.

No back then we were barbarous,

Because we did not understand.


But look now at the nature,

At our forests and our fields.

We’ve shaped them all to our needs,

Something in it has been killed.


Perhaps there once was magic,

Perhaps we weren’t alone.

Then it’s man that is the monster,

Who’s destroyed our magic world.



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