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Poetry: “Wedding dreams”

This poem was born from a reference to a Game of Thrones wedding, the last verse created first of all.


Wedding Dreams


Like many girls I once did wish,

That someday I might too be wed.

I’d wear a dress with hair made up,

Then swear my love would last for life.


In our very modern world,

A bride’s a princess we could be.

Our wedding the end of a tale,

When we’d live happ’ly forever more.


When I got older I saw how,

A wedding, marriage might not last.

The cynic in my did awake.

If marriage fails, then what’s the point?


I saw my parents drift apart,

The one role model I had.

My relationships, they followed suit,

They failed and killed my princess dreams.


With time I learned just what I lacked,

Found out where my affections lay.

And somewhere deep within my breast,

Awoke again, my bride vision.


For truth, it’s somewhat harder now,

If I want to walk down the aisle.

There are still places in this world,

Where girl and girl may not be wed.


But hope’s alive and now I dream,

That I might one day be a bride.

Though by the gods, both old and new.

Please don’t make my own wedding red.


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