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Poetry: “Magic in a bottle”

A poem about our relationship with one of our legal drugs, which some might partake of tonight…


Magic in a bottle


Sweet intoxication,

Forgetting all your fears.

Everything is twice as fun,

As it used to be.


Shutting off your brain’s control,

Saying what you like.

You feel so much braver then,

Oh the thing’s you’ll do.


Tempers flare as you butt heads,

With others just as gone.

Words and blows are both exchanged,

Blood might stain the night.


Doing things forbidden,

Doing some things bad.

Best to drag yourself back home,

Before things escalate.


As the dawn’s light shines on you,

The aftermath is clear.

With body aching and so sore,

Regrets come rushing in.


The things you said, the things you did,

Some things you did forget.

You tell yourself “oh, not again”,

And to stay away next time.


Yet the lure of that sweet drug,

It pulls you right back in.

And then the circle starts right up,

A never ending dance.


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