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Poetry: “Duality of Life”

Born from the realization that some things that are good for you personally, can actually come from something unpleasant for another (like how a sick employee gives me more hours to work and earn money).


Duality of Life


Sometimes someone’s misery,

Can be one person’s joy.

A troubled time for one man,

Can mean good times for some.


The tragedy of one man,

Struck down by some accident,

Means new life and happiness,

To the man on a donor’s list, 


The family who must give up,

A child that they cannot raise,

Can bring much joy to the ones,

Who desire to adopt.


Someone who must retire,

Due to failing health,

He can then provide the chance,

For a man to be employed.


Life is full of these things,

That are bitter and yet sweet.

It shows that though life can be hard,

Some silver linings do exist.


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