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Poetry: “The Internet”

A very silly poem about all the time sinks you can find online.

Also a warning is in order, as I use a word of a sexual nature at one point, so not child friendly I guess.


The Internet


The internet is full of stuff,

Such facts and opportunities.

Do some research or perhaps,

Watch endless silly kitten vids.


Twitter is there for those who,

Have too much time on their hands.

Minute updates of their lives,

Celebrities are never free.


Then there’s Facebook, infamous,

The place where we once could hide out.

But it’s changed now and I go,

To flee old classmates, relatives.


And then there’s Tumblr and their folks,

Where most fandoms can be found.

Search for pictures but beware,

For there’s dick art everywhere.


The internet has changed with time,

It’s not a hardcore nerd hang out.

It’s filled with memes and other things,

Endless ways to procrastinate.


But like most things you know are bad,

I could never leave internet land.

So I take the bad with the good.

And stay away from TVTropes.



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