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Poetry: “Borrowing”

In this instance, I mean the way we tend to borrow or even absorb new words from other languages into our own (I had a college professor once who spoke of it as language evolution.)




There are some words that I adore,

Though they’re different languages.

They fill a hole and fill a need,

Expressing things in just one word.


Schadenfreude’s one of those,

It is as course as you expect,

Of a word that means simply,

Joy in someone’s misery.


Monogatari is one too,

It means a story or a tale,

But in the way you move your lips,

It adds more meaning to the word.


Smorgasbord is one word,

Derived from my own mother tongue,

It has been used in English to,

Inform of certain buffet meals.


It might seem lazy, but I think,

There is no harm in borrowing,

Words from different languages,

It adds some spice to what we say.



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