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Poetry: “The dead soldier”

Okay, back in darker territory now. Trying something slightly new.


The dead soldier


A crow is cawing mournfully,

High up in some tree.

Why does he sound so very sad,

With this buffet all laid out.


The smoke drifts up to join the clouds,

High up from where I lay.

No longer will my eyes see home,

No longer will I laugh.


It’s honor that took me away,

That brought me to this field,

Where so many of us fell,

For the sake of our king.


Now all that will become of us,

Is to feed that mournful crow.

I’d piss on king and honor both,

If I could yet live on.


But I was just a pawn in life,

And I am a pawn in death.

Though I died they celebrate,

That our king he did prevail.


All that I can hope for now,

Is to make a pretty corpse.

But with that crow circling there,

That hope is doomed to fail.


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