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Poetry: “Colors”

Okay, back on a more lighter topic now.




The color’s faded from our world,

It’s all just shades of grey.

And if you gaze up at the sky,

It’s filled with moody clouds.


The people shuffle down the street,

Like zombies from some film.

Staring down at their own feet,

It’s getting hard to think.


Hope, it seems a futile thing,

When all is wrapped in mist.

I want to lie down on the ground,

And let it eat me whole.


Then from the corner of my eye,

I spot a patch of red.

A robin sits there on a branch,

Unaware that red is banned.


I tear myself up from the ground,

I make my way back home.

Then using brushes and my paints,

Spots of color slowly spreads.


First some burning robin’s red.

Then clear blues across the sky,

Then grassy green and yellow sun,

There’s new color in my world.


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