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Poetry: “The Circle”

Another horror/dark poem based in folklore/old stories.


The Circle


A summer’s eve, quite long ago,

A girl walked through the woods.

She had just been with her sweet heart.

She walked without a care.


When she arrived at a field,

She noticed right away,

The circle there in the light,

Glistening with dew.


Little then did she recall,

Her grandma’s cautious words.

That wherever a circle was,

Soon there would be Fae.


The mist rose up then from the ground,

And the girl she gapes with awe.

The air it filled with scent of blooms,

From some far off land.


Then they arrived, magically.

They rose up from the grass,

With fearsome smiles and sparkling eyes,

She was pulled into their dance.


She felt a thrill pass through her,

As magic grabbed a hold.

And suddenly, there he was,

The Fae’s own awesome king.


He said to her: “Your dance is fine,

I’ll take you as my wife.”

And that girl, that careless girl,

She was never seen again.



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