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Poetry: “Senescence”

A poetry reflecting on what awaits all of us in the end.




In our sunny days of youth,

It’s easy to forget.

That we are mortal everyone,

And that old age comes for all.


We can forget that our strength,

Will slowly fade with time.

And our health will slowly fade,

To cripple our lives.


We treat old people like they are,

Some other kind of man.

We pat their heads like children,

That they don’t understand.


But they were once just like us,

They had color in their hair.

They used to carry us around,

And treat our minor wounds.


Our grandmother was once a girl,

Who dreamed of love and luck.

She met a man that she did love,

And ensured that our dad was born.


She might have worked a job like us,

She tried to make ends meet.

She had her hardships and her joys,

And vacations in the sun.


Our grandfather, he fought through much,

When he was still a youth.

That his body failed him at the end,

Was because of his life’s work.


He went to dances and to proms,

He once wore tailored suits,

He also struggled at his job,

And celebrated the workweek’s end.


One day it will be us right there,

Sitting in their chairs.

With hair so white and aching limbs,

And eyes grown very dim.


If there is one big certainty,

That life will surely bring.

It is the specter of old age,

So please remember that.


Treat old people like you would,

Treat your friends or yourself.

One day it will be you right there,

Who needs help and some respect.



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