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Poetry: “Space exploration”

I watched a documentary on my TiVo, where Top Gear presenter James May explored how going to the moon had changed us, as well as trying out some space exploration himself. And it created thoughts in my head that ultimately birthed this.

To my brother, the true astronomer in our family.


Space exploration


The sky so dark above our heads,

So full of twinkling stars,

The moon that nestles up so high,

They’ve always entranced man.


Once upon some time ago,

It was a stout belief,

That if you climbed up high enough,

You could pluck the moon right down.


We dreamed of going up there,

Of seeing strange new worlds,

The creatures that lived on our moon,

And the men that lived on Mars.


Back in the 1800s,

When Queen Victoria reigned,

Jules Verne imagined in his book,

How a moon trip could be had.


About a century later,

Those imaginations, they came true,

And investigating our night sky,

It’s a very well-known field.


And through science’s efforts,

For all these many years,

A space station has joined the stars,

Along with man-made satellites.


We still dream of space travel,

Of going so much farther still,

We’ve sent so many to the moon,

It’s no longer all that strange.


Perhaps we can send men to Mars,

Before this century is up.

The Rover is already there,

He’s made tracks across the plains.


Oh, space with all your many stars,

With your planets and nebulae.

Though scientists work day and night,

You’ll have ways to surprise us yet.



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