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Poetry: “Fantasy ABC”

Another poem where each new line starts with the next letter of the alphabet, this time with a fantasy theme, as you might have guessed from the title.


Fantasy ABC


Aragorn, that brand new king.

Boromir he died nobly.

Centaurs appear in Narnia.

Dragons, fantasy’s scapegoat.

Elves are fair and pure and strong.

Fae are good things, evil too.

Giants surprised that Jon Snow.

Horses can be magical.

Ice was used by the White Witch

Jadis was the name she bore.

Krakens live in deepest seas.

Lions can be savior kings.

Mermaids lure sailors to death.

Norns come from Norse Mythology.

Odin is All Father of Gods.

Princesses and princes, there’s plenty of.

Queens can be fair and also cruel.

Robert Baratheon was a bad, bad king.

Steel, it makes the sharpest swords.

Trolls are different in different worlds.

Underground’s where dwarves do dwell.

Vikings inspired Iron Islanders.

Winter is coming, so it’s said.

Xerxes is fantasy in 300, yes.

Yara is Asha in Game of Thrones.

Zelda is a legendary series of fantasy games.



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