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Poetry: “Artist’s struggle”

It’s a theme I’ve touched upon before, but it bears repeating, I think.


Artist’s struggle


In days gone by an artist was,

Someone who plied a certain craft.

He had a talent all could see,

A special role in society.


Wealthy men, they gathered round,

To pay the artist for his work.

He would write stories, poems too,

And produce paintings for their walls.


Today with our  internet,

There are artists everywhere.

Their work, it can be found online,

So why should they ever get paid?


Those who can pay are hard to find,

And how to pick real talent out?

The modern artist must work hard,

But he is out there, just you look.


It might be tireless at times,

When someone always steals your work.

But even artists need to eat,

So for their talent, please do pay.


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