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Poetry: “Climate Change”

Another piece of sobering, essayistic poetry.


Climate Change


There are those who deny it,

Our mark left on the world,

That say that climate change is not,

Something that we need to fear.


A natural variation,

And CO2 levels cycling up,

Those are excuses that they use,

When they ignore scientist’s words.


But I gaze outside my window,

At this winter without snow.

And recall that summer recently,

When it was colder than right now.


I listen to friends’ tales of woe,

When it’s much too warm, or cold.

And storms that kill so many men,

Are more common and severe.


When the evidence stares you in the face,

Ev’ry time you turn on the news.

How can you ignore cold, hard facts?

But perhaps they are all deaf.



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