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Poetry: “To Clean”

A poem about something that can be fairly dull, but I proved to myself that even the most dull of tasks can we written about in an artful way.



To Clean


Some say the state of our home,

Is a reflection of our minds.

That when we clean the world without,

We also scrub out our insides.


Some people have a messy home,

And they might have messy minds.

But the fact is some do thrive in chaos,

And that the mess is not a mess.


Others they have spotless homes,

Any grime gives them distress.

They seem to clean so fervently,

That I wonder what’s inside.


I admit it’s easy to collect,

Collect things that gather dust.

But under the dust are memories,

That never fades inside our heads.


So when I clean I do take care,

I pick among my memories.

I blow the dust off carefully,

And only toss what I don’t love.




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