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Poetry: “Celebrations”

When this is posted it will be a new year already in some parts of the world, so to you and everyone who is still some hours away I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I hope you will find this poem appropriate for the day.




So dark the sky when I woke up,

Like wrapped inside a shroud.

I gazed in wonder and alarm,

With no clue what had occurred.


Then as I stared into that void,

Darkness burst into such light.

Flowers blossomed in the dark,

And stars rained down towards the earth.


What had been silent suddenly,

Was now loud bangs, crackle, pop.

It was almost like a warzone then,

Though none I saw showed any fear.


They cried out in cheerful voices,

“Happy New Year to you all!”

And they let me join their merriment,

They let me share their joy.


Some old songs were loudly sung,

Fizzy bubbles in our drink.

Then as the dark slowly returned,

I walked home, with heart so light.



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