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Poetry: “9/12/13”

A kind of diary entry of a poem, written on the first day of my return to my day job after a long time away.




I’d been gone for quite some time,

I’d forgot what work was like.

As the date of my return grew near,

I’d told fate to do its worst.


The day when I arrived back there,

Inside those famous halls,

Old co-workers cried “hellos”,

And I saw my route that day.


It seemed to me the largest one,

So many households, ads in droves,

All confused by all this stuff,

I might have made some few mistakes.


But all was not as it had been,

The bikes were battered and so worn.

To just get ready to head out,

It took far too much time.


I labored on, out in the cold,

I labored ‘til it was dark.

Yet I knew I must have strength,

For tomorrow it would start anew.


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