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Poetry: “Ode to a Podcast”

A celebratory poem dedicated to the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale”, which I only started to listen to very recently and quickly became a fan of. A link to the podcast’s main page can be found Here.


Ode to a Podcast


When my day seemed very rough,

My savior came in the shape,

Of a sweet sonorous sound,

Called “Welcome to Night Vale.”


As my day’s companion,

It really served me well.

Cecil’s voice so silken smooth,

It made my labors lighter.


As I traversed on my route,

That voice it did transport me,

To that queer, small desert town,

I could imagine it before me.


Though the rain beat down on me,

As I walked through winter twilight,

I could not feel the wet at all,

I was in Night Vale town.


So I give thanks to its creators,

Those clever, clever folks.

I’ll tune in for every update,

And donate when I can.


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