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Poetry: “Let It Snow”

Only slightly inspired by the song I snatched the title from.


Let it snow


Snow it falls down from the sky,

Announcing winter’s truly here.

Flakes fall in clumps and balls,

Carried down by gusts of wind.


They can cause trouble when they fall,

Especially when winds are rough.

Stalling traffic, stopping trains,

We wait until the roads are clear.


Yet though it’s rough while it falls,

When it stops, just take a breath.

And watch how it has changed the world,

No longer grey, but pristine white.


The fields so white, a snowy blanket,

Each step you take, it leaves a mark.

And soon as day comes to an end,

Those fields show marks of children’s play.


Though winter can be troublesome,

As snow it just keeps coming down.

Remember that old childhood glee,

When you wake up to snowy fields.


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