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Poetry: “The Gods of my Ancestors”

I felt compelled to write this thing, based on the popularity of certain characters in comics and movies.


The Gods of my Ancestors


I suppose I should feel lucky,

That the gods that used to rule,

The lives of my great ancestors,

Are still popular today.


They feature both in comics,

As well as movie screens.

Played by famous movie actors,

Their popularity soared.


The mighty god of thunder,

Is now a blond honorable man.

His hammer is his source of strength,

And he speaks in cursive writing.


In some amusing twist,

The god Loki is now his brother.

And thanks to actor Hiddleston,

His popularity rivals Thor.


Yet as much as I’m amused,

By these modern Aesir fans.

Some are rather selective,

In how they interpret characters.


And then there are the goddesses,

Who’re not given as much space.

Not just Frigga, but Freya too.

And fair Idun with her apples.


This modern interpretation,

It has strong women, true.

But I wish those who claim to be fans,

Would read up on the original too.


And then one last suggestion,

If I may be so bold.

If you joke around with my old gods,

Let me joke around with yours.


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