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Poetry: “Story Block”

Happy Halloween! And on this spooky day I present a poem of something that really scares me, especially with NaNo starting at midnight tonight. (Wish me luck!)


Story Block


To lose my connection,

With the characters in my head.

It is a cruel thing indeed.

It makes me shake and shiver.


A writers block is easier,

Because it completely stops the words.

But to just lose sight of this one thing,

This one aspect, that is worse.


I still have the ability,

To form sentences and words.

But when I delve into my stories,

I find myself shut out.


It’s like my characters have rebelled,

They don’t want to speak to me.

Now they’ve left me all forlorn,

They’ve left me out in the cold.


I pound at the door they’ve shut,

I beg them to open up.

Though my fists are raw and bloody,

They still ignore my cries.


So on the other side I sit,

Sobbing and distraught.

Because with those stories lost to me,

I am only half a writer.


I can only pray that they’ll be kind,

That eventually they’ll give up.

That they’ll forgive me for my slight,

And then my stories will return.


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