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Poetry: “My ABC”

Something very experimental, playing with a very different format. And very playful too, yes.




Apples are the fruit of wisdom.

Blackberries sweet as sin.

Celtic music stirs my soul.

Dancing all through the night.

Epiphanies when I write,

Fantastic and diverse.


Gold is shiny, but so frail.

Humanity’s bane.

I think that if we changed our ways.

Justice might still prevail.

Kinship with our fellow men.

Love might also help.


Monitors that bleep and sound.

Noisy as a swarm of bees.

Operations carried on.

Procedures secretive.

Queer it might seem to outsiders

Routine to these secret men.


Starlight, star bright in the sky.

Tell me what my future holds.

Unsolved mysteries abound.

Venting up into the night.

What will my life be like?

Xenon lights blot out the stars.

You can wonder and you can fret.

Zirconium protects against heat.



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