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Poetry: “Pondering Transformation”

A train-of-thought bit of poetry, born from just one thought, which starts off the whole poem.


Pondering Transformation


What would we do if we woke up,

And we were some other thing?

Like Kafka’s beetle we were changed,

And at a loss of what to do.


Would we panic, would we thrash,

Would we try to call the cops?

Perhaps we would simply give up,

And feel resigned to our fate.


How would this new existence be?

How would we adapt?

Would we try to tell our friends,

About this amazing transformation?


How would we continue our lives,

Could we even carry on?

Would our relatives and friends not know,

And leave us at some county pound.


The thing that now remains to me,

That question that won’t leave.

Is if this hypothetical thought,

Might change the way we think.


If you try to imagine your life,

Lived as some different thing.

Might you not re-evaluate,

How to live when you’re just a man.


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