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Poetry: “Those Eyes”

Somewhat related to that haiku from yesterday, poetry with a heavy message.


Those Eyes


I wander all these streets alone,

I study those I pass.

On the boulevard of broken dreams,

Do I really walk alone?


The eyes I glimpse as I walk,

Empty gazes everywhere.

Those are the eyes of people that,

Have lost their very souls.


In this life we all struggle,

To simply make ends meet.

We need to pay our bills and rent,

And feed our families.


To accomplish all those things,

Money must be had.

And to have that in the bank,

We whore ourselves out.


The corporations, our employers,

They hold all the power.

They force us to sell ourselves out,

We are reduced to just a number.


If we aren’t happy with our pay,

Well, don’t dare to complain.

Certainly not if you are poor,

Then you are replaceable.


So you remain right where you are,

You slave and work and toil.

And hopefully when you get sick,

You can still pay the bills.


How many dreams have died like this?

On capitalism’s wheel.

How many hopes have been squashed,

When the money’s not enough?


Is there any wonder then,

That I see those soulless eyes.

Everywhere when I’m outside,

They reflect the emptiness I feel.



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