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Poetry: “A Lament”

From the most powerful emotions are born the most powerful words, like this bit of poetry.


A Lament



My love it sets the ground afire,

It burns and cracks my feet.

The pain that it creates in me,

It leaves me in a state.


My love is digs it claws in deep,

It pulls and tears me up.

Then cruelly it grabs a hold,

It pulls my heart right out.


My love it makes my lungs collapse,

It steals the air away.

The oxygen that once brought life,

It’s burned up by love’s heat.


My love is makes me toss and turn,

It makes sleep a fruitless thing.

Then as I fall unconscious I,

Am plagued by cruel dreams.


My love it teases and it taunts,

It makes me think that hope exists.

Then as I feel myself assured,

The rug is pulled out from under me.


My love it doesn’t let me rest,

It occupies my mind.

The point where I might just forget,

Love comes back to remind me.


My love is something that persists,

It is a never ending thing.

If I can’t forget on my own,

Then I might just have to die.



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