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Poetry: “On Friendship”

Sometimes I just use poetry to think out loud to myself, making art out of my ruminations.


On Friendship


One of the many puzzles,

That life has made me solve.

Is the very idea of friendship,

And what it really means.


When you are just a little one,

You make friends just like that.

It is enough to just say hello,

And hang out in the playground.


Then it’s time for school to start,

With all its complex dynamics.

And now you have this group around,

That might have a say in who’s your friend.


If you’re not wise in the ways,

Of those social interactions.

You might find yourself left out,

You might find yourself alone.


Then as you get older,

It gets harder to make friends.

Because with time people’s social circle,

It completely cements.


And then when you’re an adult,

Most people are already set.

They are content with the friends they have,

There are no openings.


I wonder then, if some are doomed,

To just never have many friends.

So I feel lucky for my friends,

Though near all of them live far away.


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