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Poetry: “Aeronauts”

And here’s a poem which started with mankind’s desire to soar up in the sky.




Mankind wasn’t meant to soar

Up high among the clouds

Yet like a child who’s been told “No”.

He never quite gave up.


From the strangest of contraptions

Like simple wings strapped to his arms

These aerial entrepreneurs,

Eventually they learned to glide.


Some perfected the hot air balloon,

And boy did that thing fly!

But the larger mighty zeppelins,

Turn’d to massive burning bombs


For some the balloon was not enough,

They wanted to fly faster.

So eventually those Wright brothers

They built their motorized plane.


That new and awesome aeroplane

It completely changed our world

They changed our ways of warfare

And let us reach much farther shores


Those heroic early pilots,

The Lindberghs, The Earharts.

When we all saw what they could do.

We could not help, but try to follow.


Today the skies they are all filled,

With our modern jet engine planes.

And every day so many thousands,

Can really know what it’s like to fly.



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