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Poetry: “Our Eyes”

Another poem which uses a famous saying and twists it up a little.


Our Eyes


If our eyes were truly,

The windows to the soul.

What would that say of you and me?

What could we learn from that?


That one with eyes so very blue,

She has a sapphire soul.

It’s soothing as the ocean blue,

It’s as light as summer rain.


That man with eyes so very brown,

So brown they’re almost black.

His soul it speaks of chocolate,

Of softness and delight.


That person with the emerald eyes,

That sparkle when she smiles.

Her soul is fresh like a dewy field,

With the wisdom of the earth.



With eyes such a grey color,

You might think that soul is dull.

But it carries all the might of,

A stormy autumn sky.


So watch those eyes and wonder;

“What might be contained therein.”

You might be surprised at what you find.

If nothing else, a fellow man.


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