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Poetry: “Our Loud World”

Another one of those poems that came to me while I was out and about. Inspiration can be found anywhere, it seems.


Our Loud World

To modulate your intake

Of the world in which you live

To filter all that input

It’s not such an easy thing


In every public sphere and place

Where humanity congregates

There is always such cacophony

So many things that surround you


How do we take all of this?

How do we see what’s good, what’s bad?

To tell what is important

In some situations, it can be hard


Some people they can just shut off

Create a surrounding sphere of calm

In the busiest places in our world

It’s their survival mechanism


The rest of us we have to cope

With this sensory overload

And all of my fellow introverts

We rejoice when we’re back home.


2 thoughts on “Poetry: “Our Loud World”

  1. Wow, I am sitting in my backyard this morning. I was just thinking of how much I love the peace in the morning, just listening to the birds chirp and watching the hummingbirds feed. Your poem is so true of the world in which we live. I also “rejoice when I’m back home.” 😊


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