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Poetry: “In Progress”

A poem with a bit more of a bite today. Honestly can’t tell what I prefer, essays or poetry as vehicles to express my political opinions.


In Progress


How far have we as humans

Come in these recent years

Have we learned from our mistakes

The dark past we all share


We still judge each other

Based on the color of our skin

We still look with scorn at

Two men that share a love’s embrace


If a black man shoots a white man

He is immediately sent to jail

Or even put to death in time

But a white man might go free


In many places in this world

Marriage is a human right

Granted to all persuasions

Except where same-sex is a crime


We shudder at the holocausts

From many years ago

Yet in some parts of our world

Ethnic cleansing still exists


So what is it that we can do,

To really change our ways

Perhaps it would be quite enough

To love more than to hate


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