Personal essay: “Thoughts on twins”

Twins are often thought of as something special, that they always have this special connection that excludes all others. Something almost magical.

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Blog post: “Going the Distance”

For a lark I popped over to today.

If you don’t know, it’s a WordPress owned site that provides you with a daily suggestion of a topic to write about if you’re experiencing writer’s block or just need some fresh ideas from somewhere outside your own head. Well, the topic of the day was “The farthest you’ve traveled from home” and immediately it got by head buzzing. Partially, because there is some baggage in my life that I have not yet felt ready to tell anyone about and let’s just say that I was worried the Plinky question might force me to unearth some of it prematurely. But then I googled distances and discovered how far away from home I have actually been and where that was. And at the same time I realized that the first time I traveled that far, it was completely unplanned.

So, here’s my story of how I ended up going to San Francisco for a long weekend, just because.

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Short story: “Summer ghosts”

A little summer tale crafted from memories of my own childhood, though the story and characters are entirely fictional. That is what fictional writing is all about really, taking bits and pieces of your own experiences and crafting original stories out of them.

I dedicate this to my grandfather, who passed away several years ago, for giving me a great place for a city girl to spend her summers at.

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