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Poetry: “Guardians of my shelf”

After a short comment by a friend on Twitter, about books and reading I had to share this one poem.


Guardians of my Shelves



Dog-eared pages, broken spines

Stains and smudges, marks of love

They stand on shelves in tidy rows

Beloved books, my friends of old


From the day I learned to read

Constant companions have they been

When life was hard and I got low

The stories they did warm my soul


And in those times of leisure too

I always had a book or two

Right there with me, so very close

Some nights they kept me up so late


How easily I was wrapped up

Within the stories that I read

Those covers worn by many years

Their characters they felt so real


The books they fertilized my mind

My imagination grew its wings

Such knowledge that I feel I gained

That I carry within me still


So I am grateful to my friends

The ones with broken spine and page

They helped to shape the way I am

And made a writer out of me 





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