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Poetry: “Daily Bread”

I baked some bread today, have some poetry to go with that.


Daily Bread


Resting in a shiny bowl

There lies a lump of sticky dough

Born from yeast and flour

Some salt and water too


It rests and it rises

And is worked with steady hands

With gentle coaxing watch it grow

And swell to vast proportions


A ritual as old as time

To make our daily bread

Yet it’s nothing complicated

It just takes a little time


Some might feel that it is time

That they don’t have to spare

But if you do have a go

You’ll be richly rewarded


A fresh loaf taken from the oven

With a crust that’s brown and crisp

And an interior so soft and hot

That butter instantly melts


So a homemade loaf of bread

Whose smell fills up the room

There is no cheaper luxury

That this world allows

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