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Poetry: “The Animal Kingdom”

Some more poetry! It guess it’s the kind of weather we’re having that lends itself well to poetic thoughts and writing.


The Animal Kingdom


Nature is a thing of wonder

Of multitudes of life

Even as a child I saw them

The miracles out there


The insects and the birds

The things that ran and jumped

The things that swim and live in water

And things that crawl underground


I surveyed them all with wonder

I learned the call of birds

I tried to catch the butterflies

With their fragile wings


With a net I caught tiny fishes

I had a bucket where they swam

And the beaches were a treasure trove

Of seashells small and large


In the early morning light

I watched fox pups at play

And as the sun began to set

I heard the roe deer’s call


And when I was informed of

The larger animals

That used to live before our time

Why then I was completely lost


I could not see how anyone

Could not feel love and awe

For the world of animals

That nature has brought forth


The dinosaurs should teach us

That the creatures that live now

Will not be with us forever

So we should treat them well


If we do not take heed

Think of those we’ll lose

Tigers, chimps and elephants

Rhino and orangutan


Axolotl and gorilla

snow leopard and blue whale

The Yangtze River dolphin

And the Giant panda too


The future generations

Deserve to that wonder too

That I felt when I was a child

Towards the animals in the wild


So even if you don’t agree

That animals deserve to live

Think of your own children then

Preserve the animals for them


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