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Poetry: “The old gods and the new”

Title borrowed from a certain fantasy series, a philosophical reflection on old and new religion. It also feels relevant in the light of recent US court decisions.


The old gods and the new


Our forefathers from long ago

They believed in many things

They thought a man drew the sun

In a carriage ‘cross the sky


They believed in gods that came on down

And mated with normal men

And made godly offspring

That could fight in their many wars


They believed in things that lived

In both forests and in fields

Creatures with special powers

That even nature had power too.


They treated them with respect

For they thought that if they failed

So would their crops and their lives

Disaster was a certain thing.


But this we see as primitive

Now we only have one God.

And he only lives in houses

That we have made ourselves.


This God has made us certain laws

And shows how we must live

But some of them merely say

That we should be kind and good


Do we really need a God for that?

And then there are the other things

Written words interpreted

In ways that cause others harm.


So put aside those ancient tomes

Take a walk outside

Smell the flowers, taste the wind

Were our ancestors really wrong?


Is it not better then

To care about our world

To treat it with the love and care

We should bestow on our fellow man?



I do admit there is one man

From that old, old book

Who did mention one good thing;

He advocated love.


So stay by your God if you must

But please don’t read too much

Recall instead his message of love

And forget ‘bout all the rest.


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