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Poetry: “The City Sky” “Summer Rain”

Some lighthearted poetry offerings today.


The City Sky


The evening sky over the city

It almost seemed to glow

The colors bled into each other,

With blues and reds and gold.


High up, up on yonder hills

Where the cathedral rose so proud

The sky it wrapped a silken cloak

On its towers and its arcs.


The river flowed so peacefully

Through a city old as time

It lapped up all the colors

From the evening sky above


And down below was where I stood

I gazed up high above

And felt my heart leap in my chest

At the beauty in this world.


It amazed me how a city

That has seen much in its days

Both terrors and of turmoil

Yet now it’s perfectly tranquil.


So take a moment also

Step away from your screens

And look up at the sky sometimes

I think you will be amazed.




Summer rain


A summer day should be warm

It should be filled with sun

So that is why I might feel glum

When the sky is filled with clouds


Yet I must remember

That with clouds there is rain

And a little fall of rain

Is food for our plants


Water is the very thing,

Which keeps us all alive

So even if it makes me sad

Some days we must have rain


So I will let the raindrops

Patter, patter down

And remember all my garden plants

And that sunshine follows rain.


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